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We offer Google Pixel screen repair and replacement services in Richmond. If your repair is not listed on our price list please submit online request form.

Pixel 3

3: $239
3 XL: $249
3a Glass: $139
3a LCD: $249
3a XL Glass: $169
3a XL LCD: $269

Pixel 4

4: $249
4 XL: $249
4a Glass: $169
4a LCD: $289
4a 5G Glass: $199
4a 5G LCD: $319

Pixel 5

5 Glass: $269
5 LCD: $339
5a 5G Glass: $199
5a 5G LCD: $319

Pixel 6

6 Glass: $229
6 LCD: $389
6a Glass: $199
6a LCD: $299
6 Pro Glass: $399
6 Pro LCD: $549

Pixel 7

7 Glass: $289
7 LCD: $389
7 Pro Glass: $429
7 Pro LCD: $549

Other Pixel

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Other Pixel

Pixel 3 $
Pixel 3 XL

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How long does it take to replace an Google Pixel screen?

Most of Google Pixel screen repair would take from 30 minutes to one hour from when we start working on your Pixel Phone.

Can I replace screen on Google Pixel myself?

Google Pixel screen repair or replacement can be done through several different methods.

  1. Authorized Service Center: Google has authorized service centers located in various cities around the world. You can visit one of these centers to have your Google Pixel screen repaired or replaced. They will diagnose the problem and provide an estimate for the repair or replacement cost.

  2. Third-Party Repair Shop: There are many third-party repair shops that specialize in repairing Google Pixel devices. They may have a wider availability of parts and often charge lower prices than authorized service centers. However, it's important to ensure that they use good quality parts and that the repair is done by a skilled technician.

  3. Do-it-Yourself (DIY) Repair: If you are comfortable with taking apart and reassembling electronic devices, you can purchase a replacement screen and try to repair it yourself. However, be aware that this can be risky, as it may void your warranty, and if not done properly, can cause further damage to the device.

  4. Mail-in Repair Services: Some companies offer online repair services where you can ship your device to them, and they will repair it and ship it back to you. This can be convenient if you are unable to find a repair shop near you or are unable to visit a service center.

It's important to note that Google Pixel screen repairs or replacements may be covered by the device's warranty if it is still in effect. Also, if the device is under any accidental protection plan, it will cover the screen damage repair or replacement.

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Google can replace cracked screens for a fee. Accidental damage isn't covered by the Google warranty. Google Pixel Price list