Logic board Repair

iphone x logic board repair

A motherboard (known as logic board for Apple devices) is a crucial part of a computer. It is the circuit board where all parts of the framework is connected to. As an input / output system, the motherboard is where interactions within the computer happens. Each motherboard model may differ from each other, from its form factor to where each component is fitted.

With the logic board repairs, it could take up to 7 days (depends on the parts availability) for us to repair or recover your data.

Repairing a mobile phone logic board can be a challenging but rewarding task. It requires a good understanding of electronics and a steady hand. The first step is to open up the phone and remove the logic board. Be careful not to damage any of the other internal components while you do this. Once the board is exposed, you need to carefully inspect it for any visible damage. If you spot any broken components or other signs of damage, you'll need to replace them. You can buy replacement parts online or from a local electronics store. If you're confident in your soldering skills, you can try to repair any broken components yourself. It's also important to make sure that all of the connections are secure and that no wires are loose. After you've finished repairing or replacing any components, you should test the logic board to make sure it is functioning properly. If everything looks good, you can reassemble the phone and it should be ready to go.

Can I repair logic board myself?

We suggest not having a go at repair logic board yourself. Smartphone have become increasingly sophisticated and you might cause more damage.
Apple doesn’t cover Logic Board repairs under AppleCare+ or Limited Warranty. If you care about your phone and your data why don't you give us a try, no fix no fees policy no access fees.

All replacement parts come with a 90-day warranty that covers all but accidental damage.

iphone 13 logic board repair in action
iphone logic board repair melbourne

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Do you have an iPhone that won’t charge past 1%? Power issues can be caused by many factors, such as a damaged charger port, dying batteries, water damage, or damage to the Tristar.

Your backlight IC may have blown out if your iPhone vibrates / still makes noises, but you can’t see anything, and you’ve already tried replacing the screen.

Touch IC repair is a solution aimed at reinstating the functionality of smartphones afflicted with a condition known as “touch disease,” a term coined within the repair community. In the pursuit of creating slim and resilient phones, Apple faced challenges with the housing rigidity of the iPhone 6 Plus, which often fell short of the required standards, resulting in a notable susceptibility to bending. As a consequence, various touch response issues emerged. It is a prevalent occurrence for touch functionality to cease functioning unpredictably on iPhone 6 Plus devices. Even after replacing the screen, the touch response remains unresponsive. While less frequent, this issue could also arise on iPhone 6 models.