Samsung Screen Repair Melbourne


We offer Samsung Screen Repair and replacement services in Richmond. If your repair is not listed on our price list please submit online request form.

Galaxy S

S23 Ultra: $399/$549
S23 Plus: $289/$489
S23: $249/$419
S22 Ultra: $390/$549
S22 Plus: $289/$549
S22: $229/$389
S21 Ultra: $289/$489
S21 Plus: $249/$389
S21: $189/$369
S21 FE: $289/$329
S20 Ultra: $269/$419
S20 Plus: $269/$429
S20: $199/$399
S20 FE: $249
S10 5G: $289/$489
S10 Plus: $249/$429
S10: $229/$389
S10e: $189/$379
S9 Plus: $189/$349
S9: $179/$329
S8 Plus: $179/$329
S8: $169/$299
S7 Edge: $229/$329
S7: $119/$265

Galaxy Note

20 Ultra: $319/$489
20: $249/$379
10 Plus: $289/$459
10: $249/$399
9: $199/$389
8: $179/$349
5: $129/$289
4: $119/$229

Galaxy Tablet

S8 Ultra: $489/$689
S8 Plus: $449/$589
S8: $349/$489
S7 Plus: $349/$549
S7 FE: $249/$349
S7: $249/$349

Galaxy A

A73 5G: $299
A72 5G: $279
A71: $289
A70: $249
A53 5G: $269
A52s 5G: $239
A52: $249
A51: $249
A50: $189
A42: $249
A33 5G: $239
A32-A32 5G: $229
A31: $239
A30: $189
A21s: $189
A20: $179
A12: $149
A8/A8+: $269

Galaxy J

J7 Pro J730: $209
J7 G610: $129
J5 Pro J530 $179
J5 Prime G570: $129

Galaxy Z

Z Fold 4: $289/$389
Z Fold 4 Big: $1099
Z Fold 3: $249/$349
Z Fold 3 Big: $849
Z Fold 2: $199/$299
Z Fold 2 Big: $689

Other Galaxy

XCover Pro $
Core Prime $

Samsung Repair

Samsung cracked screen repair melbourne

How long does it take to replace Samsung screen?

Most of Samsung screen repair would take from 30 minutes to one hour from when we start working on your phone. It may take up to 3 days for Samsung glass screen repair means just the glass is cracked and the LCD is working perfectly (No line, No dot, No colour changing).

Can I replace screen on Samsung phone myself?

To repair your Samsung galaxy screen, you want to have right repair tools kit and new replacement spare part (new LCD) which you can purchase them from online store and follow some instructional video from Youtube.
There may be a few issues in case you repair it yourselves:
  • You may also damaged a connector.
  • Use incorrect screws which may also cause problem with main board issues.
  • Forget to put some spare-part at the right place.
  • The part you’ve got got is defective and is useless (incorrect model or version).
  • You may also damage something else if you are not experienced.
One of the main reasons not to attempt a DIY repair on your phone is that if you damage it yourself, there’s no guarantee. You risk having to completely replace your entire phone when you could have taken it to the us for an easy and affordable repair covered by our warranty.

Compare price between Samsung Repair and VG Phones Repair Richmond

Samsung can replace cracked screens for a fee. Accidental damage isn’t covered by the Samsung warranty. Sansung Screen Repair Price list