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Smartphone Screen Protectors: Plastic vs. Tempered Glass

When you step into a mobile phone shop , a big electronics store, or even a cell phone repair shop, you’re likely to come across the term “screen protector.” But how do you determine which type of screen protector suits your phone best? What sets apart a tempered glass screen protector from a plastic one? In this article, we will address these queries and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of smartphone screen protectors.

Smartphone screen protectors come in two primary forms: plastic and tempered glass. While both options have their advantages and disadvantages, the technicians at VG Phones Repair consistently recommend the installation of a tempered glass screen protector.

Here’s why tempered glass screen protectors are preferred:

  1. Enhanced durability: Tempered glass protectors are notably sturdier than their plastic counterparts. Typically measuring between 0.3 mm and 0.5 mm in thickness, glass protectors provide superior strength compared to the average 0.1 mm thickness of plastic protectors.
  2. Seamless user experience: Tempered glass screen protectors maintain the same tactile experience as your smartphone screen, preserving the natural touch and feel you’re accustomed to.
  3. Improved scratch resistance: When it comes to shielding your phone against scratches, tempered glass is a winner. These protectors offer enhanced scratch resistance, ensuring your screen remains pristine for longer periods compared to plastic protectors.

If you remain undecided between plastic and tempered glass, you may find the option of a liquid screen protector intriguing.

Is a Smartphone Screen Protector Necessary?

As Corning Gorilla Glass continues to evolve and become increasingly durable, many individuals are opting to forgo the use of a screen protector. However, even the latest Gorilla Glass is susceptible to damage. This is why VG Phones technicians always advise customers to install a screen protector as an additional layer of defense.

Tempered glass screen protectors should serve as the first line of defense against cracks and scratches for your phone. While the initial expense of a screen protector may seem minor, it is significantly more affordable than a complete screen replacement.

Choosing the Best Smartphone Screen Protector

When it comes to phone protection, not all screen protectors are created equal. Investing a little extra upfront for long-term protection is often worthwhile. The ceramic screen protector is the highly recommended screen protector among technicians.

This ceramic screen protector offers impeccable scratch and drop protection. Moreover, each ceramic screen protector is accompanied by a limited lifetime warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Steps to Install a Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Installing a tempered glass screen protector necessitates precision and patience. Follow the steps below to successfully install a screen protector on your smartphone. Please note: For optimal results, ensure you avoid dust, hair, and touching the protector during the installation process.

  1. Clean your smartphone screen thoroughly using rubbing alcohol or eyeglass cleaner.
  2. Dry the screen using a microfiber cloth.
  3. Remove the screen protector from its packaging.
  4. Verify that there are no dust particles on the screen.
  5. Holding the tempered glass by the sides to avoid fingerprints, peel off the adhesive backing from the protector.
  6. Carefully align the protector with your phone, ensuring that the camera and microphone openings align correctly, and the margins on each side of the protector are equal.
  7. Gently press the glass onto the device, applying light pressure to ensure the adhesive adheres properly.
  8. If you notice air bubbles, utilize the tool provided in your kit or a credit card to push the bubbles towards the edges of the screen protector.

If the process of installing a tempered glass protector seems overly complicated, don’t fret! VG Phones Repair is your one-stop shop for all your phone protection needs. Our stores offer a wide variety of phone accessories, including tempered glass and plastic screen protectors, to cater to your preferences.

You can visit us for new screen protector install service or any other repairer close to your location.

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